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  Wired Plastic™ Prepaid Visa® Card titanium
money Wired Plastic is the most advanced Prepaid Debit card available. It offers flexible pricing plans, an innovative Rewards Program and several convenient card loading options. FREE customer service, online access, and wireless alerts. Plus you never pay NSF, overdraft or bounced check fees! Wired Plastic helps make your life easier!
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Wired Plastic™ Prepaid Visa® Card

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Wired Plastic

Wired Plastic™ Prepaid Visa® Card

Wired Plastic provides free wireless alerts and an incredible rewards program.

  • Stay informed with Wired Plastic’s alerts. Wired Plastic offers text message or email alerts for FREE. They also offer a rewards program that earns points every time you use your Wired Plastic® Visa Prepaid Card. These points can be used to pay your wireless phone bill or purchase wireless products.
  • Wired Plastic Card is accepted anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The Wired Plastic Card is accepted anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, worldwide. Whether you enjoy staying close to home or traveling abroad you can use your Wired Plastic Card to make all your purchases.
  • Wired Plastic Card gives you flexible spending control. With Wired Plastic Card, you can make ‘debit’ (PIN based), and ‘credit’ (Signature based) transactions, check your balance and withdraw cash at the ATM.
  • Wired Plastic allows you to pay any bill online or over the phone. You can use the Wired Plastic Card to help pay your bills. Paying bills can be a hassle, but let Wired Plastic help make it easier. You can utilize the Wired Plastic Bill Payment option to pay your bills to over 3,000 billers.
  • Wired Plastic provides FREE direct deposit. Have pay, dividends, disability and government checks (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, etc.) sent directly to your Wired Plastic Card Account for FREE. Your funds are available the same business day they are received.
  • Wired Plastic helps manage money. To spend money you must load it on your Wired Plastic Card. To load, you can add cash, direct deposit, or transfer money from a bank. When you use the Wired Plastic Card, the amount of your purchase is deducted from the loaded balance. So with Wired Plastic you can’t spend money you don’t have, which will help you manage your money.
  • Wired Plastic offers nearly 100,000 convenient loading locations, including MoneyGram® and Western Union®. We have worked to provide all our Wired Plastic Card cardholders the most convenient and accessible locations to add cash to your Wired Plastic Card. Visit the Wired Plastic store locator at to locate the retailer or agent nearest you.
  • Wired Plastic provides live customer service agents to answer any question. To better assist Wired Plastic customers, we provide a live customer service line that connects you to a real person that can answer any question you have.
  • Wired Plastic is one of the most affordable prepaid card on the market. Wired Plastic has a onetime Activation Fee of $9.95 and a low Monthly Fee of $5.95. This is significantly lower than most prepaid cards that will charge $19.95 or $14.95 upfront and $9.95 or $14.95 every month.
  • Wired Plastic lets me shop online. You aren't limited anymore on what you can buy because the Wired Plastic Card allows you to shop online.
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