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Store Credit Cards

Why You Should Go for Store Credit Cards
When you make a purchase at a retail store, you are likely to be asked to enroll for the store’s credit card. The cashier may encourage you to sign up by describing the benefits you stand to gain from becoming a card holder. The most evident advantages of such cards are that they make it easy for you to make purchases and are a convenient and safe method of payment. If you are not sure that you will really find these store credit cards useful, here are a few more of their advantages you should consider.

Special Perks and Discounts
Holding a store card entitles you to some special perks at the issuing stores. By offering special benefits to card holders, the outlet store encourages more people to enroll for such store credit cards. People who have such cards are likely to make this store their preferred shopping destination because of the benefits that their membership gives them. Result, the store gets more business, you get special benefits.

More Cost Savings
Often, the store may announce special discounts to card holders over and above that offered to other shoppers. This means that just by enrolling yourself for the credit card, you reduce your shopping bills by an extra amount. These savings can add up to a good sum over the year if you use the same store for most of your regular purchases time after time.

Improve Your Credit Score
Other than offering you some special benefits,
retail store credit cards are also a good way for you to improve a compromised credit score. Firstly, retail stores are generally more lenient when issuing credit cards and usually overlook poor credit history. If your credit history has taken a bad hit during the recession, you may still be able to get store credit card. By using this card responsibly and making payments regularly and on time, you can make a positive change in your credit history.

Freebies and Gifts
The best and most exciting aspect of a store credit card is that you usually get some freebies or gifts with them. Many stores offer free gift wrapping or alterations if you are a card holder. Some stores have a free gift certificate program if you shop for more than a specific amount using your store credit card. In some stores you can return purchases without having to show the original receipt if you can produce a store credit card. The freebies and gifts vary from store to store which is why it is a good idea to check for the stores with the best offers before you sign up for a card. Opt for store credit cards from the retail outlet that you do the majority of your shopping in. They not only make it convenient for you to shop but also give you many tangible benefits including cost savings. Given this, it is no wonder that more and more retail stores are now offering these cards to cater to the increasing demand from customers.

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