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Commerce Bank signs change to Td Bank.

It finally happened. Commerce bank has changed forever. The new Bank "TD bank" had their new signs up. The logo reads as "America's Most Convenient Bank". It looks like the same or very similar to the old Commerce bank logo. Commerce bank had so many perks, rewards and great banking hours. It truly was "America's Most Convenient Bank" in my opinion. These are the signs of our time, many banks have merged any their are many more to follow. We will wait and see the changes in the following months TD bank will make. Lets hope they keep the same programs, products and bank hours. The recent commercial with Regis and Kelly Ripa for TD bank sent a message of no change and even more perks are comming. Lets hope they keep thier word. We'll keep you updated in the following weeks and months.

Linens and Things Going out of Business.

As Linens 'n Things goes into liquidation, they are promoting the going out of business sale. Savings of up to 30% on brand name products including- KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Wamsutta and more.

The near by Lnt store was going out of business. I cant believe how many people showed up today for 20-30% off. They should have did this from the beginning. Most often stores are to late to put together a strategic plan to save themselves in this crazy economy.

Bank of America makes ATM deposits easier.

If you have not visited a Bank of America atm lately you will notice on some atm's a new way of depositing. Bank of America has introduced atm deposits made easier. You dont have to fill anything out just deposit your check and let the atm machine do the rest. Their are four easy steps.

We have tested the new atm and we think it's great. It can read your check and calculate your check amount instantly. If the atm machine has trouble you can magnify your check and enter an amount instead. So far we have heard little or no complaints. Look foward to all atm's changing over to the new meathod of depositing.

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The World of Wireless Wallets

Things are changing in the credit card industry. It is getting more personalized and its getting easier to make credit card purchases. There are three new emerging technologies that can make your credit card information more personal. The first technology is RIFD Cards. RIFD Cards are a small unique radio frequency ID chip that is embedded in your credit card. Swing or swipe your card near a scanner, and your receipt prints. American Express, Mastercard, and Visa use this technology. There are 30,000 plus stores across the United States accepting the new method of payment.

The second new technology is called Biometrics. It uses your fingerprint which triggers payments; a seven digit pin safeguards against potential thieves. The technology is currently being tested at 3,000 locations in approximately 44 states.

The third and final technology that is emerging is called Cellular Cash. Near field communication (NFC) enabled cell phones feature wire chips that can allow you to pay with a wave of your handset. These phones can also broadcast virtual business cards. There are approximately 14 cell carriers worldwide that have signed on to this technology.

It will be a fantastic and exciting race to see what technology will emerge on top. Stay tuned for more updates.

Do Stocks Really Take Off in the Summer?

Since 1964, stocks have gained an average of 9.2 percent in the summer, compared with 13.3 percent in winter. Even then, it's hard to game the system. My advice? Stay diversified and go long.

Citizens Bank Plantinum Mastercard News

We have been receiving some inquiries and requests for this credit card mentioned above. Just like all of America we receive credit card offers in the mail daily. Although we do not carry this card we would like to keep everyone informed to all credit card offers to help you in your decision process. This Mastercard is currently offering 0% APR on credit cards and balance transfers until August 2009. To its claim it states you can save after that with a 9.99% fixed APR.
For more information visit Citizens Bank at or calling 1-888-333-5145. This offers expires November 18, 2008. Again, we do not offer this credit card. Please direct your questions to Citizens Bank website. We rate this card 4 out of 5 stars.

All credit cards are linked to a secure encrypted data transmission for your protection.

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