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This gives us the "Cash Advance Daily Balance" of the Account. Any Cash Advance Daily Balance of less than zero will be treated as zero,


A. Purchases (excluding Balance Transfers). If there is no Previous Balance for the billing period or the sum of your payments and credits posted to your Account by the Payment Due Date is at least equal to the Previous Balance, new Purchases and other related charges in that billing period will begin to accrue a periodic Finance Charge as of the first day of the next billing period if a periodic Finance Charge is imposed in the next billing period, If there is a Previous Balance for the billing period, including any balance of Purchases made under any Special Payment Plan, and the sum of your payments and credits posted to your Account by the Payment Due Date is not at least equal to that Previous Balance, new Purchases and other related charges will begin to accrue a periodic Finance Charge from the later of the date of the transaction or the first day of the billing period in which the transaction is posted to your Account.

B. Balance Transfers and Cash Advances. Balance Transfers, Transaction Fees for Balance Transfers, Cash Advances, Transaction Fees for Cash Advances and other related charges will accrue a periodic Finance Charge from the later of the transaction date or the first day of the billing period in which the Balance Transfer or Cash Advance is posted to your Account. There is no period within which you can avoid Finance Charges on Balance Transfers or Cash Advances,


A. You must pay at least the Total Minimum Payment by 5:00 p,m, (ET) on the Payment Due Date shown on the Statement. You may pay more than the Total Minimum Payment at any time, Your Total Minimum Payment will be the sum of: (a) the greater of (i) $15,00, or (ii) 2,5% of the new balance ("New Balance") shown on your statement, or (iii) the sum of the Finance Charges, any late fee, any overlimit fee imposed during the current billing period, and 1,0% of your New Balance; plus (b) any past due amounts, The Total Minimum Payment will be rounded up to the next whole dollar.

IHowever, the Total Minimum Payment is the New Balance if the New Balance is less than $15,00, In any event, your Total Minimum Payment will not exceed your New Balance, Your Payment Due Date may vary from month to month and the length of time you have to pay may be longer or shorter rom month to month, Please check the Payment Due Date on your Statement carefully each month o ensure timely payment.

· We reserve the right to select the method by which payments and credits are allocated to your ccount in our sole discretion, The payment allocation method that we use may result in higher inance Charges on your Account or reduced savings attributable to any reduced APR promotion, epending on the types of transactions and promotions on your Account, and the timing and amount f your payments, For example, from time to time we may offer reduced APR promotions ("World ide Promotions") that apply anywhere you use your Account. Because we allocate payments to

ower APR balances first, if you have a balance that has a higher APR than any World Wide romotion balance you may have, you will not receive the full benefit of the reduced APR of the orld Wide Promotion, If you have any questions about the allocation of your payment, please call

he customer service phone number located on your billing statement.

DDITIONAl FEES. You agree to pay the following fees:

· A late Payment Fee, if we have not received your Total Minimum Payment by 5 p,m, (ET) on the ayment Due Date shown on your Statement. The amount of the late Payment Fee will be based on our New Balance at the time your delinquent Total Minimum Payment was calculated, The Late ayment Fee will be $10 for a New Balance of $29,99 or less; $25 for a New Balance of $30 to '99,99; $29 for a New Balance of $100 to $249,99; and $35 for a New Balance of $250 or more,

· An Overlimit Fee of $29,00 for each billing period in which your New Balance as shown on your tatement exceeds your Credit Limit. We may assess an Overlimit Fee even if we authorize the trans­ctions on your Account that caused you to exceed your Credit Limit, or if you exceed your Credit imit as a result of unpaid Finance Charges or other fees,

· A Returned Check Fee of $29,00 if any check or other instrument sent to us, or any electronic ayment authorization you provide us for payment on your Account, is not honored upon first pre­antment even if the check, instrument, or electronic payment authorization is later honored,

· A Transaction Fee for each Cash Advance (including any Convenience Check) that posts to your ccount will be charged, This fee will be a FINANCE CHARGE equal to the greater of $1 0.00 or 3% f the amount of the Cash Advance. For Automated Teller Machine ("ATM") Cash Advances, the amount f the Casll Advance may include a surcharge that the ATM owner imposes.

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