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Comenity Bank Store Credit Cards

(formerly WFNNB)

If you haven't heard of Comenity bank that's okay, most credit card holders have not. This is because many of the credit cards they hold are part of many well known companies you do know. This bank has over 40 million customers that carry a credit card or account offered by one of thier bank programs.

Many of the brands that work with this bank build credit programs for thier companies. Many companies leave it up to this important company to handle every day functions like application services, billing, card balances and customer services.
They even offer a resource center for account holders and a wide range of articles. These articles contain tips for your most important questions to help you with all your credit card needs. There are many retail stores that offer customers a credit card.  These store cards are issued by the credit card company Comenity.
There are so many credit cards issued by Comenity Bank and they are:

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