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If you are one who likes to shop online and make your purchased online rather than walking into an store than more than likely you like to browse the catalogs that come in the mail and shop instantly. However, are you looking to rebuild your credit or establish your credit. There are many credit card companies that understand your needs and want you to open an acccount. But use caution when opening an account and applying for a credit card.

Everyone loves that unbeleivable feeling when you see a good deal or get coupons online. Store credit cards or catalog credit cards offer their customers usually a percentage off when they apply for a card. And that is how they get you in. There are many discounts that you receive when you make a purchase only using your credit card. Your credit debt gets higher and higher and then you get disgusted of how much money you owe.

Always be careful when charging your credit cards. Keep track of payments and never miss a payment either. This will only hurt your credit score.

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