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  American Express Credit Card Facts
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Facts about American Express

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American Express Facts

Often American Express has been known as AMEX which is the abbreviation for it. American Express (AMEX) was founded in 1850 as beleive it or not, an express delivery business. In 1882, American Express had begun to launch its financial business with its money orders and services offered by the US Postal Service. American Express launched its travelers checks in 1881.
At the time in 1881, William Fargo was the President of American Express and was traveling to Europe and had a hard time using traditional letters of credit.

In 1958, American Express began its venture into the credit card world. One of its first launches was the introduction of the Diners Club Card and was an instant success. There after, American Express began expanding its business into business credit cards and introduced the gold and platinum cards.

In 1999, American Express became very popular amoung young cardholders. AMEX introducted the Blue American Express Card with no annual fees and a rewards program that fit everyday life.

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