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American Express Questions

Do I have to pay my balance in full each month?

American Express have credit cards that can fit everyone's payment needs. Depending on your Card, you will pay your full balance each month or carry a balance with interest.

You can choose the Card that’s right for you:

Pay Your Balance in Full

A Charge Card has no interest charges because you pay your balance in full each month, and a flexible spending limit that can adjust over time

Carry a Balance With Interest

A Credit Card gives you the flexibility to either pay in full or carry a balance with interest month to month.

What about an annual fee? Do all Cards have one?

American Express offers credit cards both with and without an annual fee. Like the many American Express rewards and benefits, these annual fees will vary depending on the Card. You can choose the Card with the features that can fit your lifestyle.

What kind of rewards can I get with American Express ?

American Express® Cards come with a variety of rewards you can use for shopping, dining, travel and more. You can choose a Card with rewards the way you want them.  What benefits and services does an American Express Card provide?
All American Express Cards come with access to benefits and services that can help with everything from saving money to traveling safely. No matter which Card you choose, Cardmembership provides access to benefits and services that can match your lifestyle.

Is it difficult to apply?

It's as easy to apply for an American Express Card as it is to apply for any other card.
Where can I use my Card? American Express Cards are welcomed at millions of businesses across the U.S. alone. From high-profile brands to independent merchants, the number of places you can use your Card is growing every day. Click Here to Learn About American Express Rewards Programs.

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