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Apply for a visa credit card and build a strong credit history or establish your credit. Owning a Visa credit card opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
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Visa Credit Card Offers

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About Visa Credit Cards

Visa is a private, membership association jointly owned by more than 20,000 member financial institutions around the world. The organization is dedicated to serving those members, their cardholders, and their merchant clients by facilitating payment anywhere, anytime, and any way.

With 1.46 billion cards in circulation that generate more than $4.3 trillion in global sales and with unsurpassed acceptance in more than 170 countries, the reach and popularity of Visa-branded cards is nearly universal.

Visa develops common standards and specifications to facilitate commerce and provide member financial institutions with global payment platform development, 24/7 operation of the payment processing system, and management of the Visa brand.

Whether you're a new customer wanting to build a strong credit history or an established Visa cardholder, owning a Visa credit card opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Enjoy exceptional convenience and reliability from the world's leading payment brand.

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